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joetonscore:4.0 / 52016-10-28

I feel pretty good, was too small, breakfast was good
coy1004score:3.5 / 52016-09-23

Convenient, but......! To improve the level of service, but State-owned (Government background) are alike! not sent!
imagoartistscore:3.5 / 52016-09-22

Poor facilities
gyf110400score:4.3 / 52016-09-13

Staying has 3 late, to elderly set has double people of, himself set has single of, room is small, on sleep a sleep also can accept, only bad this room near Hotel chimney seems, night has unit fume taste, only shut window, near travel very convenient, out left turn on Metro mouth, side Shang has convenience shop and celebrates Feng bun Pu, if didn't want to hotel dining, 40/people, can consider bun Pu, has porridge, wonton, dumplings, this lots this price also line's
ailinscore:5.0 / 52016-09-12

Hotel a day than yesterday, 50 more expensive, I knew had come here yesterday, good!
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