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"It is forbidden to smoke make most" on the first day: Beijing consulting nearly 500 tobacco control policy

Date: 2015-06-02

Beijing's strict controls of smoke regulations on the first day of yesterday, the Beijing morning paper reporter understands from smoking cessation hotline 12320, 18, as of yesterday received a phone call from tobacco in total 665 items, including tobacco control knowledge consulting 29, tobacco control policy advisory 484, tobacco control complaints to report 152.In received 152 complaints to report complaints office building, 71, 17 pieces hotels, entertainment venues 16 pieces, shopping malls supermarkets 8 pieces, metro bus station 8 pieces, school seven, five pieces of medical institutions, park scenic area 4 a, two, party and government organs and other 14 items.


  Physical examination hall smoking tickets

  Yesterday evening, the Beijing morning paper reporter understands, this city personal debut against smokers on the ticket.Yesterday around half past eight in the morning, the parties in the changping district of Beijing CDC medical examination hall on the second floor the stairs in smoking, smoking is forbidden in this act.Smoking behavior in violation of the "Beijing tobacco control regulations on the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 14.

  Site supervisor to dissuade according to "byelaw of Beijing tobacco control article 25 the provisions of the first paragraph, decided to impose a fine of 50 yuan of administrative punishment, and order them to correct immediately the illegal behavior.

  Food and beverage

  Without the call to make rectification

  Yesterday, 16 counties hygiene supervisors fully out, respectively in places such as hospitals, restaurants, the city government authority field supervision on smoking.Haidilao restaurant near to the chaoyang hospital during random inspection, law enforcement officers found the restaurant smoking logo is not clearly tobacco control report released on the phone (see photo), the restaurant is not produced and keep smoking inspection records, restaurant a men's room also found two cigarette butts.

  For this reason, law enforcement officials issued the rectification notice on the spot.City who prisons in public health supervision division deputy section chief becky is introduced, the 1 to 2 days will confirm to the businessman, if there is violation of amount will be 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan.

  Tthe leader of the haidilao baijiazhuang coal store said now haidilao other stores on smoking logo are the same design, so he will inform the superior company in other chain stores replacement as soon as possible.

  In addition, inspectors at the scene also reminds, restaurant customers have discouraged about smoking behavior, the management must be recorded.Regularly collecting, in the control file.If there is no record, there are others found someone smoking to the health sector, complaints within the health supervisors will go to the scene to verify, check if the operators provide dissuade records, will avoid punishment.


  Withdrawal of the ashtray "局座" office

  To supervise the implementation of tobacco control laws, yesterday, deputy director of the standing committee Sun Kanglin rate team check the standing committee, municipal government organs and the capital institute of pediatrics implementation of tobacco control.

  According to the tobacco control act, state organs, enterprises and institutions shall include tobacco control work in the daily management of the unit;Shall establish smoking management system.For this, yesterday, inspection group key check whether the government departments in the implementation of the regulations establish the related rules and regulations, tobacco advertising is in place, the non-smoking sign whether standard, whether in the obvious place to post, smoking area yanju, cigarette butts, etc.Hygiene supervisors random spot check in the office building of office, conference room, bathroom and outdoor smoking set.

  At the entrance to the standing committee office buildings, and set up the "you have to enter a non-smoking area in the building no smoking" sign.Reporter noticed that for tobacco control, the original can buy cigarettes office buildings a store has stopped the sale of cigarettes.Each meeting room and other places in the building of an ashtray also disappeared.

  In the city government offices, meeting room, reporters saw each row of the table is marked by banning smoking.The staff special opened a cadre of liaison office.According to introducing, the cadres in the past, smoking in the office now ashtray has been canceled.Municipal government institution yard in addition to ban smoking in the office building, outdoor public places like XiHuaYuan has also been designated as non-smoking section.General office of municipal government also said that the various units and departments in all kinds of official business and large public activity is not smoking, not smoke, smoke disrespect.

  The hotel

  A new three pieces of the outdoor smoking area

  Yesterday, the Beijing morning paper reporter followed by dongcheng district health supervision of health supervisors to three-star peace hotel executive control check.An enter a door, the reporter saw the "stop" in the hotel door confession guest "puff" two soot cylinder has disappeared, replaced by the hotel door parking lot smoking area at the edge of the new monarch.The hotel everywhere with the latest no-smoking sign to report complaints.Examined the dongcheng district health supervision represents not found that illegal behavior, check assessment for qualified.

  Gate of the hotel parking lot side of box, the reporter sees, the ground painted a marked yellow font "smoking area", bilingual in English and Chinese, with "smoking is harmful to health" next to warnings.Smoking also specially set up a green umbrella, "if the hot sun exposure, smokers will not be willing to set up smoking area is white."Peace hotel, front desk misia, sales manager said.

  After the rein to execute, new hotel opened three outdoor smoking area, in addition to the door, the other in an open area of the meeting room, third place is the employee smoking area, set in the backyard from the corners.

  Not discourage duty top 200 fine

  Peace hotel established own tobacco management system, a clear "employees if found smoking behavior within the designated areas, should discourage smokers to smoke, to persuade smokers to leave, to report complaints to family planning department of public health."Individual in violation of the regulations, smoking in smoking control area fines of up to 50 yuan, refused to dissuade fined RMB 100-200.Employees doesn't discourage smoking in the non-smoking section, will face a 50-200 yuan.In violation of regulations has been investigated more than three times staff will of the public for a week."Our request is that if someone provide legal evidence, such as filmed the video, the video someone smoking in the hotel under the roof for more than 15 seconds, but we don't have to dissuade employees, so is your dereliction of duty."Misia said.

  Hotel set up five areas of the inspector about tobacco control, including public areas, the front desk, coffee shop, guest rooms and office buildings, these areas have a smoke taste every day, the inspector will register and record.

  Guest room matches and an ashtray fully withdraw

 Hotel control the most difficult is not a public place, but a guest room, the door a level, how to monitor?Misia say, hotel rooms originally smokeless room and smoking room, "have a smoke room" is an ashtray and matches the original configuration, are all off now.

  For hotel is in the room to install smoke sensor devices, such as misia said the guest room control for hotel is a big problem, because the hotel itself is not a law enforcers, but the role of a service for only discourage smoking behavior, "persuasion rather than law enforcement".Misia said the hotel next plan for guest room can update filter cigarette smoke purification device.