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Beijing 25 hotel check-out to 14 points

Date: 2015-03-16

Today, when consumer is 25 star hotel in Beijing, will find a change, because not check-out card at 12 o 'clock, don't have to carry the luggage as usual go to lunch, don't pay any fees.

Yesterday, ctrip joint well-known hotel officially launched more than 300 domestic "late check-out" activity, which break the "12 PM check-out" guild regulations, the checkout time to 2:00 in the afternoon or later.

In the Beijing area, including such as Hilton Beijing wangfujing, 25 star hotel on the active list.

This activity from now on until July 31, covering Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, dalian, Qingdao, tianjin, chongqing, Harbin, xi 'an, nanjing and so on more than 30 cities in more than 300 well-known hotel, including many five-star and four-star hotels.The cooperation hotel majority will check out time delay to 14 points, some hotels delay to 15 or 16 points.

In June last year, there are media reports, 71 hotels in miyun foreign commitments, will the check-out time from 12 to 14 points.But soon China tourist hotel association denounced the reports untrue, six hotels have not promised to 14 PM check-out not commonly practiced saying hotel, it has attracted much attention.

Luomenhasi attitude

Hope that more hotels to join

On March 11, pair announced the 2009 top ten consumer rights protection measures, including hotel "check-out" 12 this year become one of the pair to solve an industry rules.

This morning, secretary-general of pair Cohen of more than 300 well-known hotel launched the "late check-out" express their support and praise.

Wu said the secretary general, recently, Shanghai, chengdu and other places of industry association, in a new guild regulations, also the "12 PM check-out" this article take the initiative to remove, such a move is the progress of the operators and industry associations, "personally, I think there will be more hotel to join the ranks of."

Wu said that consumer behavior is based on consumers and businesses on the basis of equality, voluntary, consensus, not "industry practice" as a pretext to infringe upon the rights and interests of consumers.Guild regulations can only increase the industry's obligation, responsibility cannot be imposed on consumers, more can't create monopolies."Since two years ago we pay attention to this matter, after a few times last year and this year's social big discussion, the responder many across the country."Wu said, in the hope that more hotel to join the team to ensure the interests of consumers.

"Delay check-out" 25 Beijing hotel (except indicated to 14 points to return a house)

Beijing wangfujing grand hotel Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao center Swiss hotel Beijing overseas Chinese building Beijing ritan international hotel Beijing jingguang center Hilton doubletree hotel apartment in Beijing Beijing century countries built hotel, Hilton Beijing wangfujing Beijing international hotel Beijing Olympic international hotel Beijing Oriental culture Beijing century generous ocean hotel Beijing hotel Beijing jinjiang rich garden hotel Beijing national hotel novotel Beijing peace hotel Beijing Beijing Aaron Beijing golden bridge international apartment fubon international hotel Beijing sal Leeds international hotel Beijing Beijing instrument hotel Beijing new hotel Beijing peace hotel Beijing airport garden hotel Beijing north latitude flying building check-out (15 points)

The industry is

Good response will consider pushing for a long time

Previously, as the hotel industry "guild regulations", the guest if not timely by the 12 noon check-out, hotel will generally take charge half day room charge.

Ctrip hotel business senior director Tang Xiaofeng said, "the late check-out" greatly facilitate the passenger's travel arrangements.For the hotel, it is also a value-added marketing activities.

Special researcher wang, a professor at the Chinese academy of social sciences tourism research center analysis of tourism market is very bleak, by this, domestic five-star hotel occupancy rates plummeted.

The "late check-out" will not add additional cost to the hotel.Therefore, direct reduction, or participate in such activities, by improving the quality of service or provide check-in is favorable to attract tourists, is the hotel actively respond to the marketing strategy of the off-season.

Involved in the activities of the hotel said that if the trial period of two months can get a good response, will consider for a long time.