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Beijing five-star hotels to 59 A four-star hotel, 139

Date: 2013-06-06

Yesterday, the Beijing municipal tourism bureau released 2010 annual review of the star class hotel list, including 59 five-star hotel, a four-star hotel, 139, a total of 725 star hotels.

City tourism bureau relevant personage, according to the amount of five-star hotel in the city is not ranked the first place, since the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, hotel number decreased 101, guest room occupancy rate low is a big difficult in hotel management.

City tourism bureau announced yesterday, according to the Beijing tourism hotel evaluation committee for the annual review of all hotel in the city, through the review of the five-star hotel have wangfu peninsula hotel, overseas Chinese building, tianlun dynasty hotel, international hotel, etc. 59.

Among them, the new rise of five-star hotel for the new crowne plaza in yunnan, the millennium hotel, regency hotel, Beijing marriott hotel, li jun hotel, international hotel in the west.Otherwise a five-star hotel because decorate, temporary not to participate in the review.A four-star hotel with poly plaza, Oriental garden hotel, peace hotel, such as 139, three-star hotel has jiangsu building, heaven sunshine hotel, peace mansion hotel, peace hotel, such as 262, 238 two-star hotels, star class hotel 27.

The reporter understands, at present the national total of 492 five-star hotels, and the total number of hotel from all over the country provinces and cities, Beijing is not ranked first, total number of star-rated hotels in zhejiang and jiangsu province were higher than in Beijing, Shanghai.